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Wednesday, July 26th, 2006
12:29 pm
DC Simpson hates porn.
(crossposted to drama_awesome)

So like some of you might have heard that DC Simpson, creator of the cherished furry political comic Ozy & Millie and the very left-wing political comic I Drew This, publically posted in his LiveJournal a while back about how he felt he was really a female and everyone should start calling him Dana Claire (rather than his birth name, David Craig) to prepare everyone for his impending sex change.

DC Simpson was known in the furry fandom as a male blue dragon. Clearly, since he was changing identities, remaining a male dragon would not do! So he created a new fursona -- a blue dog, known affectionately in some furry circles as "Raine Dog" and "the blue bitch".

Some time later, a group of bored furries decided that Raine Dog needed porn drawn of her. They didn't do it for the "cheap wank material", but because DC Simpson is a sacred cow in the fandom and they wanted some new drama.

Well, the art made its way to WTFur in this thread (at this time, WTFur is down because they are changing servers). There were three "yiffy" drawings of Raine Dog submitted by anonymous artists. One was cartoony female masturbation, another was a hermaphrodite Raine Dog with a giant cock (her seagull boyfriend, also drawn in, commented "looks like the doctors forgot something"), and the final was, by specific thread request, a herm Raine Dog fucking female Raine Dog because "all of DC Simpson's comics are self-indulgent masturbation" (not an exact quote).

It seems fun was had by all -- except for the rabid fans. Which there are rather a lot of. Ms. Simpson got wind of the porn, drew a wangsty comic about it, and announced she was going on a sabbatical for a week.

(I should note that this is not the first time DC Simpson has dealt with porn of her characters; I heard about Ozy & Millie porn a few years ago.)

All her fans immediately jumped on the "oh my god we're so sorry we love you so much" bandwagon.

This is where I jump in and tell him not to be such a wangsty loser over what a few people do. A flame war ensues, in one part equating drawing porn of someone's character to flag burning. Much lulz was had by the people behind the drawings.

NEW DRAMA! (posted at 6:32 PM)

Flame war ensued. Rape was declared to be a VERY SERIOUS THING, and tohri was banned for saying that the way to fight rape was to become all lovey-dovey because rapists want anguish from their victims, not love. I was banned for, probably, starting shit and agreeing with Tohri. Simpson's original post is now deleted and has been replaced with a long-winded, wangsty rant about how the internet is serious business.
Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
9:15 am
Yet another status update
Okay. So it seems that my host's website is having the same problem as featheredfur.com. Joy. That means that he probably isn't getting my emails, which is wierd because I never got any mailer daemons. So this LJ community will serve as YS Main HQ until I can get webspace.

For the time being, you may post horrors from any community, rant about the stupidity of furrdom and/or its art (please try to make it look intelligent) and other such things. Yay.

Here's a FA horror to get things rolling.

90% of what's on the first page of his gallery is fat fur-girls standing there in the same position with poor digital coloring.

But he does art trades now! Apparently his work was so much in demand that he had to throw down a gauntlet and announce it to the world! Wow! Too bad no one's replied, I'd sure love the opportunity to have Sian cartoonified like the ugly lardball she is! (sarcasm, folks.)
Sunday, May 7th, 2006
10:52 am
Server Status
Sorry that YS is still down, everyone.

( Fake LJ Cut to Info )

(sorry you guys have to deal with a small rant too.)

Current Mood: pissed off
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
4:06 pm
Starting AGAIN.
...Still having mySQL issues, apparently. I've written to my host, so hopefully this will be fixed in a day or two. In the meantime, I guess we can use this community. D:
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